What has Korea given to the world?
The greatest Korean inventions visualised
What comes to your mind when you think of Korea?
K-pop? Smart phones? Fast internet? Taekwondo?
Beyond the cliché, there are plenty of other fascinating things pioneered or refined in Korea which have shaped the contemporary world by changing the way we live, work, communicate and entertain ourselves. The visualization below is dedicated to some of the greatest Korean inventions and innovations. As you will see, these come from across the board, ranging from ‘hard” scientific discoveries through high-tech commercial products, to social and cultural innovations.
Some of these have had profound implications in terms of shaping contemporary cultural trends across the globe. Others had less, if any at all, influence beyond the peninsula but have anyway helped to secure the nation’s place in the world’s history by the sheer fact that at some point in time they constituted truly pioneering products of human ingenuity and creativity.
Scroll down through the story below to explore the things that Korea has given to the world. Did you know about each of these? Can you imagine live without some them?

Do you make contactless card payments when shopping or use a public transport smart card? If so, did you know this technology was pioneered in Seoul’s transport ticketing system in 1995 from where it spread to other cities and beyond transport (e.g. personal banking). Besides this, South Korea has pioneered a range of other wireless technologies.

Do you use Facebook, YouTube, Twitch? Similar platforms had been widely used in South Korea well before these even existed. Oh, and by the way, do you add ‘stickers’ in your Facebook messages? Yes, they also originate from South Korea.

You must have surely been to an internet café, too. OK, they are sort of passé nowadays but there are other cool places you may have been to, like 4D cinema or a virtual store for example?

But the bulk of South Korea’s innovations that shaped the contemporary world were electronic devises and technologies. Most of them have been developed by Samsung.

Do you sometimes food delivery to your home? And do hear a ringback tone when calling them or perhaps have a ringback tone on your phone? Both were pioneer in South Korea. Same as some other surprising innovations.

Beyond modern technology, Korea was also a pioneer in a range of social innovations…

… including innovations in journalism.

Going further back in time, the rule of Sejong the Great was the time when Korea pioneered a range of important inventions.

But even before that, Korea seems to have been a frontrunner in many respects.

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